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For Current Students

Various application forms

Forms for Sokendai

1.Doctoral Thesis Examination (for students, supervisors and examiners)

2.Application Form for Course Registration

Various Forms for Status Change

Request for leave of absence WORD(40KB) PDF(63KB)
Request to Reinstatement
*When the period of leave is earlier than applied for.
Report  of Reinstatement WORD(33KB) PDF(62KB)
Request to study abroad WORD(49KB) PDF(69KB)
Request of Leaving School WORD(40KB) PDF(59KB)
Report for Change of Name WORD(36KB) PDF(68KB)
Report for Change of Address WORD(36KB) PDF(64KB)
Report for Change of Guarantor WORD(40KB) PDF(65KB)
Request  for Permission to Begin or
Continue Extracurricular Group Activity[Japanese]
Report for End of Extracurricular Group Activity [Japanese] WORD(20KB) PDF(18KB)
Request Permission to Join Non-academic Group[Japanese] WORD(21KB) PDF(20KB)

Report for visit to foreign countries

This is used when the student travels abroad. Foreign students also should complete it for temporary trips home.
Visit to Foreign Countries:WORD(27KB) /PDF

Special oversea research student related [Japanese]

Request to be recognized as a special research student
Research report:WORD (26KB) /PDF

Forms for KEK [Japanese]

Application for permission for car parking inside KEK (must be renewed yearly)

Form:WORD(20KB) /PDF / GIF(38KB)
Sample WORD(20KB) / PDF / GIF(58KB)
Both the attached form and a “permission application sticker” must be submitted.
The sticker must be applied for separately.

Application for a card for the entrance and exit gates 
(one applied for card can be used for multiple years)

When applying for permission to drive a vehicle into KEK, both a “vehicle entrance permit application 
form” and an “application for a card for the entrance and exit gates” must be submitted.

KEK contact information (must be submitted upon entrance and in April)