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Admission to SOKENDAI

Foreign study and entrance guidance

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies School of High Energy Accelerator Science accepts students from foreign countries.

In the School of High Energy Accelerator Science, there are departments of Accelerator Science, Materials Structure Science and Particle and Nuclear Physics, and most of the KEK professors also hold a position of being professors of Sokendai and can teach and supervise Ph.D. candidates as well as evaluate the Ph.D. degree.

For foreign students with the purpose of research it is necessary to find an adviser for themselves in the admission process. Most of the KEK professors and the research groups introduce themselves on their own home pages, so please use them as a guide.

A high level of academic achievement is required in order to pursue research as a PhD candidates. Linguistic ability consisting of enough English to follow lectures and do research and enough Japanese to be able to function in daily life are required. International conferences and workshops are a good opportunity for professors who will be the applicant’s adviser to confirm the ability of the applicant.

Acceptance of international students 1989 – 2016

Japanese Gov. Privately Japanese Gov. Privately Japanese Gov. Privately
China 22 4 India 8 3 Indonesia 5 4
Korea 3 3 Bangladesh 5 1 Russia 5 0
Vietnam 3 1 Iran 2 0 Egypt 2 0
Thailand 2 0 Germany 1 1 Pakistan 1 1
France 2 0 Malaysia 0 2 Italy 1 0
Ukraine 1 0 Austria 1 0 Brazil 0 1
Belarus 1 0 Poland 1 0 Mexico 1 0
Total 67 21