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SOKENDAI J-PARC Summer Student Program 2018

This is SOKENDAI and J-PARC joint program.


 Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) is the research facility with the world-class high intensity proton beam exploring origin of matter and life in the field of particle and nuclear physics, material and life sciences with the state-of-art technologies in accelerators and related fields. J-PARC is operated jointly by KEK and JAEA.

 This program is to provide opportunities to students from abroad to stay at Tokai campus (where J-PARC resides) or Tsukuba campus (~60km SW of Tokai) of KEK and to experience research at J-PARC which includes particle and nuclear physics, material and life science and accelerator science. The students belong to one of research groups at J-PARC and do research work under the supervision of researchers in that group, and in some cases, they can work also with students/postdocs belonging to that group.

Report of the program activity in JFY2017 (in Japanese)

Stay period

For each student, stay period is up to 3 month. Can be as short as a month. It is negotiable. Student’s stay can start anytime as long as the stay will finish by March 31st, 2019.

Application qualification

Intended grade of students of this program is later half of undergraduate course and early part of graduate couse (~ master course). It is desirable for students to have leaned dynamics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics. But this is a guideline and it may depend on the matching with hosting research group. We encourage you to contact us if it is uncertain that you are applicable or not.

Support category

   A. Support flight fee and staying expenses
   B. Support only staying expenses
   C. Support only flight fee
   D. None (Flight and staying expenses can be covered by applicant)


Submit the following documents to us “kyodo2(at)mail.kek.jp” via e-mail attached.
   ・ CV
   ・ Official transcript of academic record
   ・ Application form (original) form
   ・ Recommendation letter (at least one)
* Please ask your supervisor to send a recommendation letter directly to us “kyodo2(at)mail.kek.jp”.

Application Deadline : April 2nd (Mon.) 9:00 AM (Japan time)

Selection will be made based on the documents and interview (via network is allowed).
Selection result of each applicant will be informed within a week or so.

Example of research experience/Alumni

PHOTO : 2017 J-PARC Asia Summer student program

Example of Research


There are radiation controlled areas at both of Tokai and Tsukuba campus.
Only those students, who are registered as a radiation worker by home university can perform work and experiments in these controlled areas.

Contact information

・Application document & administrative questions;
  KEK SOKENDAI Office ( kyodo2(a)mail.kek.jp )
・Questions on research, life, anything;
  Takashi Kobayashi ( takashi.kobayashi(a)kek.jp )

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