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Schedule: Examination of Doctoral Dessertations

1.Examination Schedule

For Sokendai Students

Schedule March PDF(16KB)
September PDF(37KB)

2. Report of Thesis Title and Language

Candidates should submit “title of their thesis and the language report” to Postgraduate Edugcation Unit in KEK (KEK SOKENDAI Office).

Thesis Title and
Language Report
Accelerator Science Department PDF(43KB) WORD(31KB)
Materials Structure Science Department PDF(44KB) WORD(31KB)
Particle and Nuclear Physics Department PDF(46KB) WORD(31KB)

3.Request for a Preliminary Evaluation

Candidates should apply for preliminary evaluation with following formats, also attach a draft of thesis and copy of related papers.

Request for
Preliminary Evaluation
Accelerator Science Department yb_acc.pdf
Number of…
Original 1
Materials Structure Science Department yb_mss.pdf
Particle and Nuclear Physics Department yb_pnp.pdf
Draft of theseis
All other related documents


4.Selection of  the preliminary evaluation examiners

Each academic advisor selects preliminary evaluation examiners and informs KEK SOKENDAI Office. 

The preliminary evaluation examiners are five faculty members from the department or related departments.

Academic advisor cannot be a head examiner. 

KEK SOKENDAI Office consults with the department committee on the plan for the preliminary evaluation examiners.

5.Preliminary evaluation meeting

Head examiner or advisor informs schedule of the preliminary evaluation (date, time and place) to KEK SOKENDAI Office, and calls a preliminary evaluation committee.

6.Report the result of preliminary evaluation

After the preliminary evaluation committee finishes, head examiner submits preliminary evaluation report to KEK SOKENDAI Office.

Preliminary Evaluation Report  Accelerator Science          Department yb_re_acc.pdf (19KB) yb_re_acc.doc  (28KB)
Materials Structure Science Department yb_re_mss.pdf(19KB) yb_re_mss.doc(28KB)
Particle and Nuclear Physics Department yb_re_pnp.pdf(19KB) yb_re_pnp.doc (28KB)

7.Apply for evaluation


Candidates should submit thesis for the degree(unbound), a Request for evaluation(form1), Thesis Contents(form2), Thesis Abstract(form3), Curriculum Vitae(form4) and other references to KEK SOKENDAI Office.


*Students do not have to obtain a signature from the head of department on “Request for evaluaion”.

To create Request for Evaluation, example is Here.

Request for evaluation(form1) hs01_acc.pdf
    Number of…
Original 1
 Thesis contents(form2) hs02_acc.pdf
Thesis abstract(form3) hs03_acc.pdf
CV(form4) hs04_acc.pdf
Structure Science
Request for evaluation
Thesis contents(form2) hs02_mss.pdf
Thesis abstract(form3) hs03_mss.pdf
CV(form4) hs04_mss.pdf
Particle and
Nuclear Physics
Request for evaluation
Thesis contents
Thesis abstract(form3) hs03_pnp.pdf
CV(form4) hs04_pnp.pdf
・Degree thesis
・Other related documents

KEK-Sokendai office send copies of thesis and “Request for Evaluation” to evaluation examiners. If there are any changes in the thesis after the evaluation, the student must send copies to the head examiner and each of the evaluation examiners. Sokendai office will send the forms and related materials to Hayama main campus of Sokendai after the approval of the head of department.

8.Selection of examiners 

Advisors or head examiners should select evaluation examiners and contact KEK-Sokendai office. Evaluation examiners have to be formed by at least five members including three or more faculty members from the department. External examiners are also permitted. Advisor may not be the head examiner. Affiliation, position and job title of the external examiners must be reported to KEK-Sokendai office. KEK-Sokendai office consults with the department committee on the plan for the evaluation examiners.. Sokendai office informs Hayama main campus of the evaluation examiners. Hayama main campus then requests the participation to the evaluation committee to external examiners.


Head examiner holds evaluation committee meeting. Head examiner reports the date, time and place of the evaluation committee meeting to Sokendai office. Traveling expenses and fees are paid to the external examiners (for one visit only). Please contact KEK-Sokendai office directly by email for the conditions regarding traveling expenses.

10.Public Presentaion

Sokendai office arranges public thesis presentation.

11.Report of results

Head examiner must send the evaluation report to the KEK-Sokendai office after evaluation committee and public presentation. (All evaluation examiners must add their seal or signature (either use a seal or signature consistently throughout.)on the report.)

Evaluation Report Form Accelerator Science department  hs_re_acc.pdf(52KB) hs_re_acc.doc(42KB)
Materials Structure Science department hs_re_mss.pdf(52KB) hs_re_mss.doc(42KB)
Particle and Nuclear Physics department hs_re_pnp.pdf(52KB) hs_re_pnp.doc(42KB)

Final approval will be made by the department committee and the professor’s committee. The head examiner reports the result of the evaluation at the department committee meeting and the professor’s committee meeting.

12.Submit outline of thesis and the outline of the examination results 

Form1 PDF(43KB) WORD(31KB)
Form2 PDF(38KB) WORD(24KB)
Form3   PDF(38KB) WORD(24KB)

Guideline on the Publication of Doctoral theses(Here)

13.Publication of Thesis

Submission forms

 Form4  PDF(28KB) DOC(33KB)
Registration for repository PDF(16KB) DOC(36KB)

Guidelines on the Publication of Doctral Thesis(Here)

Reason in writing for the publication of a summary form instead of the full thesis(Here)

14.Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony will take place at Sokendai main campus in Hayama, and the president awards a degree certificate in Japanese and English.